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In the eary 80's Nelson Rodiguez, a man in his early 20's still young and naive had dreams of becoming a professional boxer. In the meantime, he worked as a computer data operator for Manufactors Hanover Trust Bank in New York City's famed wall street. Read More...

We support the immediate release of Nelson Rodriguez from wrongful conviction and incarceration.

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In the early 80's Nelson Rodriquez, a man in his early 20's, still young and naive had dreams of becoming a professional boxer , in the meantime , he worked as a computer data operator for Manufactures Trust Bank in New York City's famed Wall Street.

Rodriguez eventually decided to take a chance and resigned from his job. He took his first steps into becoming a professional boxer and trainer. Soon Rodriguez was learning that the real world of professional boxing would be very different than the one of his childhood days. Over twenty five years later, Rodriguez is no longer boxing nor has he returned to employment in the Finance industry. He still fights, but now he fights for his prevailing entitlement to be released from his established illegal incarceration/captivity and wrongful illegal conviction.

Nelson Rodriguez by way of irrefutable documentary evidence attached in support of his appropriately filed state habeas corpus, established that when he was tried and wrongfully convicted in the case, of two counts of Second Degree Murder and one count of Attempted Murder, the Court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to preside over the action and/or the trials, as no Bronx Grand Jury had ever issued and/or filed an accusatory instrument against him making his incarceration, wrongful conviction, and the sentence imposed in open court, including all appeals taken thereafter invalid. A matter that the Attorney General's Office, New York State Correctional Department and the Governor's Office have refused to investigate. In fact, this was after they were provided with what the prosecution had asserted in page 69, of their January 2010 response to Nelson's appropriately filed 440.10 post conviction motion, where they asserted the following: Defendant Nelson Rodriguez had sufficient information to aid in the prosecution of his case even if he was not present for the actual killings. Yet, tellingly, however, defendant never offered to cooperate. Finally admitting what the suppressed evidence reveals, evidence that Nelson Rodriguez needed so badly during his multiple trials, which supports what he had said from the very outset of his case, that he did not murder anyone nor was he present at the time they claim the crime occurred. Nelson's diligent efforts to obtain the irrefutable certified documentary evidence from the Bronx County Clerk's Office, supporting the assertions made in his appropriately filed state habeas corpus actions in this case, established his entitlement to be free from his illegal incarceration/captivity, as the trials were total shams and as heinous as the crime he was falsely accused of committing.

We the People should take notice that Nelson's first illegal trial ended with the jury unable to make a decision regarding his guilt, and the second trial again ended with another hung jury with a request to the court for an acquittal based on the evidence presented by the prosecution, where the jury again claimed they were unable to make a decision regarding Nelson's guilt.

So in a rare move of "prosecutional tactics" where "We The People" now know it was all done illegally, the prosecutor tried the case again, and got a machinated conviction, and at the end of this third trial, the jury was still not convinced that Rodriguez was guilty. So at Nelson's third illegal trial after two days of deliberation the jury asked to have the testimony of the only star witness to be read to them. The testimony was read and the jury sent a note back to the court. The note asked if the jury could find one defendant guilty and aquitted the other (nelson Rodriguez) because the District Attorney failed to place him (Nelson Rodriguez) at the scene.

The judges response implied that the same verdict should be found for both defendants, nonetheless, even still after finding the other defendant guilty the jury agonized for another twenty-four hours before caving in the misguided and misdirection of the court.

The irrefutable documentary evidence attached in support of Nelson's prevailing state habeas corpus, proves that Nelson Rodriguez a man with not even so much as traffic ticket, who was illegally arrested in this case, illegally tried and wrongfully convicted as up to date, is without question that he continues being held in a New York State maximum prison illegally, an illegal captivity.

The fight for "Justice" must go on as "We the People" cannot stop demanding Nelson's release. "JUSTICE DELAYED IS JUSTICE DENIED!"

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